Parks and Rec is Back!

Parks and Recreation Reunion

By Laura Nachman

The cast of “Parks and Recreation” reunites in character on NBC Thursday at 8:30 p.m. to raise money for Covid 19 relief efforts. According to Variety, the premise is that Leslie (Amy Poehler) is desperate to keep everyone in touch despite social distancing.

Parks had a successful seven-year run from 2009-2015, but has continued to stay relevant because of the continuous airing of the show on various outlets. Today, most of the cast is all over TV and the movies.

Marc Berman, Editor-in-Chief for The Programming Insider is not surprised.

“‘Parks and Recreation’ was never a hit by the traditional Nielsen ratings. Yet, it resonated critically and was on most critics’ Top 10 lists. Ultimately, when the series came to an end, the cast was seen as some of the best actors in the business and became the go to people for other projects. ‘Parks and Recreation’ was a great launching ground.”

Besides already-established star, Poehler of “Saturday Night Live,” and Rob Lowe, who’s been around since the days of the ABC After School Specials, most of the supporting players went on to successful careers.

Nick Offerman has appeared in a plethora of television shows including “Will and Grace,” with his real-life wife, Megan Mullally and the reality show “Making It” with Poehler.

Retta stars in her third season of “Good Girls” on NBC.

Rashida Jones stars in the new Netflix series Black AF. She also directed the documentary, “Quincy,” about her father, legendary musician Quincy Jones.

Aziz Ansari moved up to headline his own show “Master of None” on Netflix.

Adam Scott was part of the big hit series “Big Little Lies” on HBO.

And the most successful of them all is Chris Pratt who became a huge movie star with his roles in “The Guardians of the Galaxy” and “Jurassic World” franchises.

Hopefully, if the show does another reunion, there will be real-life parks to enjoy again.

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