No Fulltime Sports Person on Fox29

Now that Joe Staszak is no longer a fulltimer on Fox29, as his contract expired in August, there are no fulltime sports people on the station.

A station spokesperson said that radio guys Anthony Gargano and Mike Missanelli will share air time with football expert Greg Cosell.

Former Eagle Hugh Douglas and the station parted ways a couple of months ago.


14 responses to “No Fulltime Sports Person on Fox29

  1. I’m not sure if its a full time job or just a guest appearance, but I saw Hugh Douglas on “Eagles Extra” this past Monday on Comcast Sportsnet breaking down the Eagles win over Detroit. Can’t blame Fox29 for parting ways with Douglas, he was a miss-fit from the get-go at the station.

  2. They should just make John Anderson the sports anchor. He already does fill in work and Gameday Live. I think he does a great job. I never cared for Staszak, Gargano and Douglas were train wrecks and Missanelli isn’t much better. I really wish they’d bring back Tolly.

  3. This is all very encouraging.

    Stazak was atrocious. He tried too hard to be a reporter, but never matured in the role. His banter with Gargano was extremely unprofessional, constantly referring to Gargano as “Cousin”. (Not Cuz. Cousin). He was also horrible on the pregame shows, annoyingly sticking his microphone in the mouth of his subject. He needed polish, and perhaps he can go to a smaller market and get it.

    Douglas is a fraud. He should have been jettisoned a long time ago. His lack of knowledge is legendary (calling Pedro Martinez “Pedro Feliz”, botching the names of opposing players, etc). But his biggest flaw was and still is not being able to speak proper English. He was out of his league on camera, and his “role” on radio is equally as laughable.

    Shame on this horrible station for also eliminating Bill Vargus.

    They do still have Tom Shredenchek (sp?). He was on last evening talking about Vick. Not well, either.

    Now this station needs to get rid of the rest of the horrible on-air personalities including Jerrick, Frederick, and Keeley.

    I dont care about KLH and her “absence”. Drayton is improved, but he had nowhere to go but up.

  4. What about Tom Shredenchak or however you spell it? They call him ‘shredder’ – so original!

  5. Never heard of a Station is such disarray.

  6. “connected”, you got it right on! A station in complete DISARRAY is right! Their news coverage is about non-existent. They think they’re going to tackle 3 and 6 in the ratings by offering the viewer “something different”. Yeah, a bunch of opinion and conjecture as they discuss news topics and hash them over ’roundtable style’. It’s a complete Joke. I too could care less about KLH’s absence. No loss there at all. The station is unwatchable…haven’t watched their news in probably a good year or so and don’t plan to as long as they continue to offer opinon over actual news of the day.

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  8. Instead of the complaints about on-air talent listed in this thread, can someone please tell me why anyone in their right mind would even hit the “on” button to put this station’s local news TV programming on the screen? It’s time you can’t get back in your life. Stop watching local TV news and your life will be better for it, as further evidenced by the aforementioned comments.

  9. Maybe the should try that Russian News Format. All the talking heads are neked!

  10. unreal that a major TV station has this problem.

  11. Instead of the complaints about the alleged misdeeds of TV news, can someone please tell me why anyone with that big of an axe to grind would even hit the “bookmakr” on their browser to call up a blog about said topic on their screen? It’s time you can’t get back in your life. Stop whining about watching local TV news on a blog about local TV news and your life will be better for it, as further evidenced by the endless repetitive comments.

  12. If his contract expired in August, then why was he just on tonight’s Fox 29 10 o’clock news program. It’s Friday Oct 16, 2010

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