Thrashers Move to Winnipeg Bad News For Local Guy

The Atlanta Thrasher’s move to Winnipeg is bad news for Broomall native and Atlanta sportscaster, John Kincade who worked for the team’s broadcasts for the 1999-2000, 2006-2007, 2010-2011 seasons.

In an email, Kincade said, “The Thrashers are a perfect example of poor management killing what should have been a successful venture.
The team averaged 2 thousand MORE fans per game than Winnipeg did in their last year in the NHL. Gary Bettman took the 60 million and still has never addressed the fans of Atlanta in a most cowardly display.”


7 responses to “Thrashers Move to Winnipeg Bad News For Local Guy

  1. Get rid of some of the dead weight at WIP and hire ECK!!

  2. The only dead weight is Rob Ellis, Reuben Frank. He would never fit into WIP
    format, reason: He is too outspoken!!

  3. Get rid list

    1) G Cobb. Has nothing ever to say or discuss. Constantly plugs his website. Always reverts back to the “Who is Ugly?” motif when there are no callers.

    2) Big Daddy Graham. His show with Conklin needs to be renamed to “One Funny Philly Guy and Big Daddy Graham”. Nice guy, but just not that funny.

    3) Anthony Cuz Gargano. Thinks he is playing the game with his jock-sniffing. Constantly sucks up to the local athletes. Uses over-done nicknames way too much. Loves saying “EB” and “B-West” and “B-Dawk” and “D-Jack” and “J-Roll” and “Chooch” . His act has worn thin. Macnow is always better when Cuz is not on the air.

    4) Hugh Douglas. Listening to this brain surgeon trying to discuss the NFL Lockout is like listening to a 3rd grader explain advanced physics. Always ill-prepared. Forgets names of players. Total fraud.

    5) Cataldi. His ship left the shore a while ago. Total buffoon at this stage.

    Any others? Also, let the record show that I am not being “racist” here, as I have called out both black and white guys. I also did not mention Ike Reese, who is solid.


  4. At least Cataldi puts some effort into his show. Cobb is the worst, he always sounds distracted and never has an original thought. I also would not mind Cuz & the pompous Prof disappearing.

  5. I don’t think Atlanta had the juice to keep a hockey team. If they’d pulled people in at the gate, would the team have moved? NO. My son went to the NHL All Star Game that was held in Atlanta, and he said that the arena was about 3/4ths full, and the skills competition the night before held less than half a house. If the BEST players in the game can’t draw a crowd in a specific town, what chance does an also ran team have?

  6. Whose more pathetic Cobb or Keeley??

  7. WJ,

    I agree with all that you say. When was the last time Cataldi spent the entire show
    talking sports. I also would like to add Missanelli should go to. They got rid of Jody
    Mac to hire that pompous fool. 97.5 does nothing but hire Connecticut School
    graduates at a cheap rate to pay Missanelli. They promised us they would be
    different and talk sports. Give a listen they don’t stick to sports either. I have travelled
    to other cities following the Phillies. It is amazing but sports talk stations in other
    towns actually talk sports all day

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