Great Job By Local Stations With Hurricane

CBS3, 6ABC, NBC10, and Fox29 all did a great job staying on the air all day and all night during Hurricane Irene.  An especially great job to all the meteorologists.

20 responses to “Great Job By Local Stations With Hurricane

  1. Agreed! The only problem I had was the reporter on cbs, nicole, she thought it was more about her than the storm. She is telling jokes about golf courses reporting on flooding? Very poor!

  2. Great job? They were all wrong! Was nothing more than grandstanding look-at-me nonsense.

  3. What exactly constitues a “GREAT JOB”?

    Most stations have neglected many areas such as Chester, instead focusing on the “usual favorites” like Manyunk.

    I had to flip over to Fox29 — and lo and behold — Mike Jerrick is being his usual smarmy unprofessional self. He was cracking jokes and being a buffoon. How this jackass stays on the air with his callous attitude is beyond me.

    I agree with CONNECTED. This was about the grandstanding. At best, this was an adequate job .

  4. My question is, with such a “serious” storm why was Jim Gardner not seen until Sunday afternoon when the story is mostly about the clean up? Was this his choice or is he being marginalized?

  5. I have seen two very unprofessional performances: Nicole Brewer, who thinks she is still in a beauty contest…..she is so full of herself! Very annoying.
    Alicia Vitarelli, who died and made her queen? She is a Mike Jerrick, wanna-bee! Very disturbing.

    Cbs 3 did a nice job of coverage. Fox had a social media reporter which was very weak, Nbc 10 good, 6abc seem to have the second team covering the storm of the century. Where was the Main Man Jim Gardner? I thought he had his own Chopper?

  6. Alot of over hype , as usual with weather and the local news.

  7. Megan knows the good ones from the bad ones… As always, her comments are spot on ! 100% agree about phony Alicia Vitarelli

    That is why she is a First-teamer all-Nachman

    Did neglect to mention that Melissa McGee continues her excellent work

  8. A superb job in Atlantic City by CBS3 reporter Robin Rieger. All the info and vid, no grandstanding nonsense.

    Ukee smooth as always.

    When Taff and Alcott were on 6 Saturday night, it was very easy for me to switch to May, Bennett and Orr on CBS3.

    In some perfect world there would have been enough crews or enough viewer video to increase the proportion of strong pictures, and reduce the amount of graphics.

    IMO: I’d grade 10 as 4th best job, Bill Henley always steady, but the team seems a little thin.

  9. I thought it was funny Brian, Alicia, and Adam Joesph was struggling to stay away on the air.

  10. Did Taff think he was gonna get a medal for his marathon “performance” or was no one else available? Although Shirleen is easy to look at, she had that deer in the headlights look. Vitarelli has to drink less coffee or eat less sweets, that nervous cackle and phony grin are lame.

    • Glad i’m not the only who thinks Vitarelli is a little unusual on the air. And both Brian and Alicia looked like they were going to fall asleep on the air.

  11. I think Channel 10 did a great job. No one knows the weather like Glenn!!

  12. Channel 6 did a good job…but Cecily and Adam with the constant facebook updates made this all seem like the end of the world. We get it folks, we are going to get rain….but we survived!

    Also, Viterelli is AWFUL. How does ch. 6 think they can stick her in the 4 o’clock news giving us stupid gossip updates and then expect us to take her seriously when she sits down at the anchor desk? She’s better off giving us the gossip, because her at the anchor desk is a JOKE.

  13. I also wondered where Jim was on Saturday. Not to mention the B-team of Rick and Monica.

  14. WPVI had their C-Team out there on Saturday

  15. Dont know about Rick, but Monica was bumpin uglies on Delancey St.

  16. Forget the hurricane…. there was a crazy murderer with 2 guns loose in a residential area of Bucks County (mine) and it was BARELY mentioned by any station. But I did see the guy crouched down taking pictures of the Wissahickon Creek and the boob caught on the pier on Massachussetts about 10 times! I don’t fault the media, it’s not like they are non-profit and I know if it bleeds, it leads but at least keep me informed so I know that I should be a little cautious.

    As far as the personalities, I think they all did pretty much OK. It’s got to be difficult to talk about the same thing for hours and make it sound interesting. I don’t hate Alicia Viterelli and at least she didn’t say “worser” like Shirleen did. However, I’m not sure I wouldn’t be saying “worser” if I had to talk non-stop about anything for hours with a camera in front of me.

    And we do all still have the option of changing the channel or turning the TV off.

  17. Robert //CityWide Weather

    I agree with the last two paragraphs that JayWex had to say. Shirleen, although good, is a better anchor when there is something to read on the teleprompter. Instead of being at the anchor desk, she was put on the street for field reporting Sunday afternoon. She did a better job reporting than she did on Saturday at the anchor desk.

    Alicia Vitarelli can be perky, but sometimes it’s nice to see a smiling face on television instead of “doom and gloom” looks all of the time. She is a true reporter, who even in breaking news situations, can present herself with grace and still give the news. She is good with the entertainment news, but she can also tell actual news stories as well. Have you all seen her substitute anchoring ACTION NEWS @ 5pm with Rick Williams? She does quite well and others must believe so if they continually have her substitute anchor the 5pm time-slot when Monica isn’t around.

  18. Three cheers for Gibby!!!!!!!!!!

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